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Our goal is to challenge the process

What We Do


We use my philosophy and method of thinking to cultivate strategies for my clients. I combine long term strategic goals with short term initiatives. There’s no one size fits all solution – strategies are developed based on the distinct factors of each business.  I’ll question your business models, your assumptions, why you’re in business. I’ll question everything.


We can spend a day, week, month, or longer with your team. The goal is to prompt different ways of thinking and to reveal new insights.

During the process, we will:


–  Build a deeper understanding of the current situation

–  Hold brainstorming sessions to break down and think through ideas

–  Play devil’s advocate to combat groupthink

–  Hold meetings with key stakeholders

–  Review and make suggestions about strategies




Execution revolves around one thing – discipline. The discipline to stay focused. The discipline to leverage resources. The discipline to engage everyone involved to perform. The discipline to hold accountability. I’ll help you keep the execution in focus.

During the process, we will:


– Design a vision for your company (together with you)

– Ensure all team-members align with the company’s vision

– Build a plan of execution with short-term and long-term goals




You, as the leader of your business, must create an environment that fosters inspiration and encourages employees. One built on teamwork, trust, and positive morale. Empowering others to achieve the ‘impossible’ is leadership. In this process, I can spend a day, week, month, or longer with your leadership team.

The goal is to:


– Observe leadership practices

– Hold meetings with employees to discuss the leadership environment within the organization

– Review and make suggestions on high performance leadership tactics


Negotiate with passion or don’t negotiate at all. I’ll negotiate on your behalf – I have a passion for it. Or even better, ill negotiate alongside you. We’ll secure the deals that keep businesses moving.

Branding & Strategy

Aligning your business strategy with a strong brand design is crucial to the success of your business. Together with my partner design firm, we will use the business strategies as a foundation for the brand architecture. It’s your story – let’s tell it.


Guiding Principles: We believe in creating relationships.





For us, trust is the ability to interact without hesitation. We listen with an open mind and respond with transparency.

Solid relationships built on trust and transparency so we can interact without hesitation.

We believe in goals and results – the focus that ensures small and big wins are attained and celebrated.

We believe in the invisible power created when minds come together for a common goal – our shared vision.